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    Castles and Monuments
    Castles are historic heights-places, they allow to dive back into the universe of the Lords who lived there. Some of these monuments, as fortresses, symbol of power and power, are often marked by the wars of the Middle Ages. Others, as the castles of sailing are much more stylized and testify of the refinement of the Renaissance.
13 in de Picardie.
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Kastelen, monumenten in Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique

Château de Coucy 02380 Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique (Aisne)
The castle of Coucy's ruins are situated on a promontory which dominates the Oise and the Ailette valleys, between the region of Soissons and the region of Laon. It was constructed at the beginning of ...
Foto Domaine du château de Rambures
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Kastelen, monumenten in Rambures

Domaine du château de Rambures

Aurélien RIES 8 rue du château 80140 Rambures (Somme)
Tel : 03 22 25 10 93
30 minuten van de baai van de Somme, de ruimte van het kasteel Rambures is om te ontdekken het hele jaar. Bezoek de volledig ingerichte interieurs, vergezeld door een gids is een fantastische reis ...
Foto Parc et château de Creuse
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Kastelen, monumenten in Creuse

Parc et château de Creuse

M et Mme de Metz 2 rue de Revelles 80480 Creuse (Somme)
Tel : 03 22 38 99 19
Kasteel in steen uit het begin van de 18e eeuw siècle(inscrit MH) omringd door 4 hectare Park en tuinen, in een charmant dorpje 13 km van Amiens.
Het kasteel en de tuin zijn open het bezoek het na ...
Foto château de Troissereux
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Kastelen, monumenten in Troissereux

château de Troissereux

M et Mme Tranié 1 rue du château 60112 Troissereux (Oise)
Tel : 03 44 79 00 00
An enchanting and historical visit, this outsanding stone and brick Renaissance Château, surrouned by its original moat, has one of the oldes know time pieces housed in a beautiful clock-tower. The ...

Kastelen, monumenten in Chivres-Val

Fort de Condé 02880 Chivres-Val (Aisne)
The fort, designed by Séré de Rivières after the French defeat in 1870, is a fine example of late 19th century military architecture, in the fine tradition of French fortifications from Vauban to ...

Kastelen, monumenten in Pierrefonds

Château de Pierrefonds 60350 Pierrefonds (Oise)
The Castle of Pierrefonds, next to Compiègne, was built in the 15th century by Philippe d' Orléans, and later demolished on order of Louis XIII. Napoleon III made Viollet-le-Duc rebuild the castle ...
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Kastelen, monumenten in Condé-en-Brie

Château de Condé 02330 Condé-en-Brie (Aisne)
The interior of the château de Condé is an absolute gem and ideal for a recreational family visit. Visitors can admire its sumptuous 18th century décor, the work of some famous artists : the ...
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Kastelen, monumenten in Guise

Château de Guise 02120 Guise (Aisne)
For a thousand years this massive keep has towered over the valley of the Oise. A fortified castle was added at the time of the Dukes of Guise. Under the remains of the upper buildings you can venture ...
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