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    Completed for the nature lovers, parks, flowery gardens, kitchen gardens and arboretums plunge you into a case of greenery for a walk of the most soothing.

    Observe, smell, touch your senses are on the alert! Take advantage of the inexhaustible wealth of the vegetable world.
4 in Picardy.
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Park and garden in Bourguignon-sous-Montbavin

Le jardin du vendangeoir

Vuiart nathalie 1 rue des vendangeoirs 02000 Bourguignon-sous-Montbavin (Aisne)
Phone : 03 23 24 12 94  - Mobile phone : 06 76 64 57 76
Ce jardin à l'italienne par endroit et à la française à d'autres se situe derrière un vendangeoir du début du 18ème siècle dans le village classé des frères LE NAIN célèbres peintres du 17 ...
picture of Jardin du Moulin Ventin
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Park and garden in Paillart

Jardin du Moulin Ventin

Mr Deblock Chemin de Valois 60120 Paillart 60120 Paillart (Oise)
Phone : 03 44 80 15 22  - Mobile phone : 06 32 10 86 78
The Garden of the Mill Ventin is classified " Parks and Gardens of Picardy ". In this old mill of 1805, the water is present everywhere in waterfalls, ponds, ponds, roads of water... This 2 hectare ...
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Park and garden in Viels-Maisons

Jardins de Viels-Maisons

Visite.org 02540 Viels-Maisons (Aisne)
Hard by the chevet of an old Romanesque church are grouped a number of remarkable gardens – a charming priest’s garden full of fragrant roses and wholesome medicinal plants. A white garden, a ...
picture of Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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Park and garden in Ermenonville

Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Corinne Charpentier 1 rue René de Girardin 60950 Ermenonville (Oise)
Phone : 03 44 10 45 75
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